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Turun TAITO-koulutus has integration training throughout the year. The courses start every few months. Only in July we are closed. We have around 200-300 participants in a year.  

The main issue in integration training is the Finnish language. The other main subject is Finnish society ja labor market information. We follow the national curriculum by Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI). The training includes modules 1-3. They last either 150 days (fast groups, for example students with an academic background), 180 days (basic level) or 210 days (slow groups).

The integration training is for the unemployed. Students are chosen by TE-toimisto.  For more information about our vocational guidance for unemployed immigrants, please check out ammattiin suuntaavat 2024 pamphlet. One can also learn more about the integration services for immigrants by following this link.


Are you considering a career change? Having a hard time choosing the right education path for you? Maybe you’re unsure of what you would like to do in the future? In job search coaching we offer you personal guidance towards the future you want. To learn more, please check out our pamphlet.


We offer Kela’s Nuotti-coaching for young people in Southwest Finland. Applying is easy and the coaching doesn’t cost anything. A young person, someone close to them or another person working with them can call Kela’s national number on tel. 020 692 205 and request access to coaching. Neither a separate application nor a medical certificate are required.

Nuotti-coaching is intended for young people aged 16-29 who

  • there is no place to study or work and no plans for the future
  • have difficulties with everyday life
  • studies are at risk of being interrupted

The goal of Nuotti-coaching

  • The social exclusion of young people is prevented
  • young people are motivated to find their own strengths and direction for the future towards studies or working life.
  • the young person’s life control, resources and ability to act are strengthened.

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Does your personnel need more expertise? We organize short, efficient education according to the workplace’s needs.

TAITO-Supervisor and personnel training are aimed especially at key personnel of teams/workgroups, immediate supervisors and those transitioning to supervisors. Get to know the courses.

Through us, you can also get training for various qualifications and cards:

  • occupational Safety card
  • fire job card
  • hygiene passport
  • first aid
  • professional qualification courses and further training days in the transport industry, ADR, Road Safety

If you are faced with a productional or technological change, the solution is specified training. When you aim for e.g.

  • to increase productivity
  • for the promotion of digitization
  • for the development of new technology
  • to internationalization

Let the TAITO training and ELY Center’s specified training funding help you. We plan and implement a training package according to your needs. When the training lasts at least 10 days, the ELY center pays 50-70% of the costs of the specific training, depending on the size of your company.

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Are you having trouble finding skilled employees? When there is a shortage of experts, the solution can be found in education.

We look for potential trainees, your future employees, and train them. This is all done in cooperation with you. The training is tailored to your needs and lasts 12-130 days, usually around 3 months. The training includes an unpaid on-the-job learning period for the new employee in your company. The ELY center pays 70% of the training.

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In recruitment, we also cooperate with Amisrekry,